Monday, December 1, 2014

End Circus Cruelty T-Shirts and Hoodies

The circus recently came to the town where I live and my heart hurt the entire time they were here. Life is brutal for circus animals, they live in barren conditions, spend over 95% of their time in confinement and suffer unimaginable torture and deprivation. 
Do yourself a favor and never Google images of the methods used to train these splendid wild animals. Once you see the photos, you can't unsee them and they will haunt you. 
Education by way of leafleting, protesting, etc helps spread the word but I wanted to do more so I designed a small line of "End Circus Cruelty" products. Here is an example of a hoodie, and if your interested you can pick from a variety of colors. 
As compassionate beings, let's do what we can to shine a light on circus animals' lives of misery. Wearing "End Circus Cruelty" apparel will, hopefully, open a dialogue so we can educate people on the atrocities. Go vegan!
End Circus Cruelty

End Circus Cruelty

by VeganStrong

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